Parazzar blijft paradijs voor liefhebbers hedendaagse geïmproviseerde muziek

Ook bij de programmatie van het nieuwe concertseizoen in Parazzar blijft Joeri Hostens onwrikbaar zijn liefde voor hedendaagse improvisatie getrouw. Hoewel voor de organisator zelf vaak financieel een waagstuk – met dergelijke optredens verleid je niet bepaald de grote massa – zijn deze optredens niettemin een welgekomen aanbod, want de Soulbar in de Torhoutsesteenweg moet zowat de enige locatie in Brugge zijn waar liefhebbers van dit genre steevast aan hun muzikale trekken komen.

BONESZiv Taubenfeld (basklarinet), Shay Hazan (contrabas) en Nir Sabag (drums) – mag op zondag 2 oktober de intussen vaste schare, voor wie sinds enkele jaren op zondagavonden wel degelijk plaats is in de herberg, opwarmen voor het eerste optreden van najaar 2016.

Deze 3 Israëlische muziekmakers kennen elkaar al het grootste deel van hun leven, maar startten pas in 2013 hun samenwerking als trio. Door deze lange vriendschap echter is een onderlinge verstandhouding gegroeid die een stevige muzikale band genereert waardoor zowel de groep als geheel als de individuele leden naar een hoger niveau worden getild. De muziek die hieruit ontspruit wordt op de website omschreven als “een combinatie van composities, improvisaties en dwalende gedachten, een vloeiende energie die de vorm kan aannemen van een melodie, primitieve ritme- en geluidspaden of elke andere spontane exploratie, maar telkens leidend naar het onbekende”. Begin dit jaar bracht BONES zijn debuut uit op het Engelse label Leo Records.

Paul Godderis

Zondag 2 oktober om 20.00 uur in Parazzar –


Voor 2017 staat het volgende op het programma:


doors 19u/concert 20u = doors closed/ entrance: 19€ /studenten 9€

Everybody knows now: Bobby Bradford haunts the contemporary history of jazz. First partner of Ornette Coleman, core of the Los Angeles jazz scene in the 60s and beyond, American pilgrim among the new European improvised music scenes since the 70s, source of inspiration for generations of adventurers in sound and musical constructions... Bobby Bradford will finally tour Europe with his own project.

He will be joined by Vinny Golia, a longtime teammate (and a student of John Carter), and by Bernard Santacruz and Paal Nilssen-Love (tbc): a rhythmic section of «foolish surveyors», often involved in transatlantic alliances.

This international quartet reveals an orchestral, magic formula dear to the cornetist, recently illustrated by the release of a previously unissued recording, co-directed with his alter ego John Carter (No U Turn. Live in Pasadena, 1975, Dark Tree Records).



doors 19u/concert 20u = doors closed / 15€ (studenten 5€)

Daniel Levin - cello
Mat Maneri - viola
Matt Moran - vibraphone
Torbjorn Zetterberg - bass

"5 stars"
(Aftenposten - Norway)

(Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader)

“Nothing short of superb.” “A stunning showcase for how jazz music has developed.”
(All About Jazz)

“As a foursome, these musicians interact with crystalline clarity.”
(The New York City Jazz Record)

“4 stars”
(The Penguin Guide to Jazz)

Cellist Daniel Levin’s drummerless quartet occupies a musical space bordered by many kinds of music, but fully defined by none of them. Elements of European classical music, American jazz, microtonal and new music, and European free improvisation all figure prominently in the band’s unique sound. But as critic Chris Mays observes in All About Jazz, “Like all the most successful post-modern creative ventures, Levin’s quartet positions its antecedents in plain sight, but rises above them to create something novel, fascinating and unmistakably of its own time.” Levin and his quartet with violist Mat Maneri, vibraphonist Matt Moran, and bassist Torbjörn Zetterberg, is “a provocatively assembled group of adventurous musicians,” that makes music with “the wild chaos of nature somehow centered in a sense of harmonious majesty,” according to critic Donald Elfman.

Without drums, Levin and his band mates are free to explore rhythm, melody, timbre, and texture in extremely subtle and varied ways, creating an alluring braid of lines shaded by autumnal colors, vocal inflections, and precise dynamics. “This group is able to rethink the dynamics and dialectic of a “jazz” group and find new phrasing, spacing and modes of interaction,” notes Elfman. Levin’s compositions set a lyrical tone suffused with mystery and ambiguity. But the quartet remains poised and open to the possibilities offered by the music. “For all its balance and clarity,” says Point of Departure, “the music tempers its delicacy with a dark, unsentimental edge that pushes it past the polite banter of chamber jazz into something deeper and truer.”

Info + video + audio here:



doors 19u/concert 20u = doors closed / 15€ (studenten 5€)

Assif Tsahar - tenor sax, m’bira
Cooper-Moore - Diddly-Bo, Mouth Bow, Fretless Banjo (hand crafted instruments)
Chad Taylor - Drums , M’bira

"Can I just say that the band Digital Primitives kicks an almost ridiculous amount of ass ?" (Jason Crane – twitting)

"Digital Primitives is a hard-funkin' blues trio that grinds on free jazz. really unlike anything I've heard in jazz right now. Digital Primitives revealed improvisation as a soulful journey.  If I have to holler, dance and writhe, I will follow Digital Primitives wherever they go." (NPR - Lars Gotrich)

"... twisted distillations of rhythmic/melodic essences " (jazz institute - Dan Melnick)

After several listenings, one can tell that Digital Primitives are really storytellers and their collective stories have depth and feeling.  (Richard Karmin – Hartford Curant)

Defying boundaries: The experimental trio Digital Primitives makes music in the cracks, bringing together outward-bound improvisations and epigrammatic compositions with funky grooves and atmospheric mystery that carry the heavy air of ritual. The difficulty in defining the music is among its most compelling strengths. - (Detroit press - BY MARK STRYKER)

"If you're looking for music that separates itself from usual run-of-the-mill jazz recordings, you're not likely to hear anything quite like this.” (all about jazz – Jeff Stockton)

“Scrappy New York improvising trio the Digital Primitives bring a rigorous and thoroughly modern approach to primeval blues-based grooves, and on their second album, Hum Crackle & Pop (Hopscotch), their focus is sharper than ever.” (Chicago reader – Peter margasak)


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