There is more jazz than Jazz’halo and there is Jazz’halo because there is never enough jazz. Jazz musicians and jazz lovers are explorers, looking for ‘things to happen’ but we do not always know where and when it happens. May this site guide you and us in our pursuit...

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cycle d’interviews réalisées
par Georges Tonla Briquet


photos © Jacky Lepage

Jazz’halo.be wants to let the light shine on interesting concerts, projects and albums for which there is no space in the newspapers and weeklies. Completeness is not our ambition and we depend on the information supplied to us by the clubs, musicians, organizers and by you. All contributions are welcomed and we will select the most interesting news for publication.

We choose English as the basic language for Jazz’halo.be but contributions in Dutch, French and German will be published as such.

Jazz’halo stands for contemporary, adventurous, new, boundless. Have a look at the Archives section and you will understand.

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The CD label
The 25 albums so far produced by Jazz’halo.

The Musician’s files
Biographical notes on jazz people who don’t have a personal website. The others are listed in the Links section.

The Calendar
Lists mainly concerts in Belgium and will never be complete but we want to support initiatives that deserve attention.

The Archives
Jazz’halo was launched in 1997 with a lot of ambition and a good sponsor who made it possible to start up the print magazine, the CD label, the website and the Jazz’halo Music Days. The first Jazz’halo Music Days in November 1997 featured bass player Cameron Brown and his band ‘The Hear and Know’ with Sheila Jordan, the Joe Fonda Trio, the Gerry Hemingway Quartet and Belgian jazz bands such as the Peter Hertmans Quartet and the Phil Abraham Quartet. The following years we brought a whole range of interesting musicians on the Belgian stages such as Joëlle Léandre, Beñat Achiary, Greg Marvin, Raúl Barboza, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Vinny Golia and many others. More about the past in the Archives section.

Jos Demol & Emile Clemens

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Our latest interviews

Let ourselves be in the moment

Pianist/composer Tord Gustavsen
Photo © Simas Martinonis

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Naïssam Jalal : dokter ondanks zichzelf

Naïssam Jalal : dokter ondanks zichzelf
Foto © Jérôme Prébois

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Nathan Ott : Interview mit dem in Berlin lebenden Drummer

Nathan Ott

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Echt ! met uitroepteken…

Echt ! gesprek met Dorian Dumont…
Foto © Mayli Sterkendries

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Our concert reviews

HAM SESSIONS OUTDOOR 2023 - 17e editie

HAM SESSIONS OUTDOOR 2023 - 17e editie
Fotoreportage © Annie Boedt

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IXUS, CC d'Ans-Alleur, 2.6.2023

IXUS, CC d'Ans-Alleur, 2.6.2023

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Suura, 20 mei 2023, CC De Lijsterbes (Kraainem)

Suura, 20/05/2023, CC De Lijsterbes Kraainem
Foto © Denis Blanpain

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Ewout Pierreux Rhodes Trio

Ewout Pierreux Rhodes Trio

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Olivier Chavet Quintet, CC d'Ans, 5.5.2023

Olivier Chavet Quintet, CC d'Ans, 5.5.2023

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SKEIN, Tonhalle Hannover , 30. April 2023

SKEIN, Tonhalle Hannover , 30. April 2023
Foto © ap

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Muziekproject Voor Jonge Wolven!

Deadline inzendingen: zondag 11 juni 2023

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Les Estivales du Haut Calavon

24 juli - 9 augustus 2023

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Europe Jazz Media Chart June 2023

Europe Jazz Media Chart June 2023

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Jazz à Liège 2023

Een voorbeschouwing door Yves «JB» Tassin

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WND JAZZ – 32. Internationale St. Wendeler Jazztage

32. Internationale St. Wendeler Jazztage

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Jazz Brugge 2023

Jazz Brugge 2023

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Willy Roggeman

Willy Roggeman (foto Bandcamp)

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Foto © Arnaud Ghys

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Programme Presentation for the 52nd Moers Festival 2023

Programme Presentation

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Top jazz in CC Alter Schlachthof Eupen

Top jazz in CC Alter Schlachthof Eupen

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Silvère Mansis
(10.9.1944 - 22.4.2018)
foto © Dirck Brysse

Rik Bevernage
(19.4.1954 - 6.3.2018)
foto © Stefe Jiroflée

Philippe Schoonbrood
foto © Dominique Houcmant

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