Locurcio/Hertmans Quartet

Buddies is a sign of the good health of jazz guitar, and makes one impatient to hear the sequel.
PDL in “Le Jazz”

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1) Peter Pan (Locurcio)
2) Buddies (Hertmans)
3) Song For Stella (Locurcio)
4) Let The Cat Out! (Hertmans)
5) Bye-Bye Tune (Locurcio)
6) Intro To Song Three (Locurcio)
7) Song Three (Locurcio)
8) Traces (Hertmans)
9) Every Second (Hertmans)
10) Have You Seen Louis? (Locurcio)

Marco Locurcio: electric guitar
Peter Hertmans: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizer
Nicolas Thys: double bass, electric bass guitar
Hans Van Oosterhout: drums

recorded at STUDIO PAR HASARD, Kapellen (Belgium), February 14, 15 & 16, 1997 by Dré Pallemaerts

art work: Manu Baeyens


“The group’s instrumental makeup suggests that the music would be rock oriented, but that is far from the case. With Locurcio on the left and Hertmans on the right, the music consistently gels with stimulating guitar improvisations and a highly motivating bass/drum rhythm section.
A lot of the success the recording enjoys comes from the compositions, of which Locurcio wrote six and Hertmans the other four. They are more than just heads for launching the soloists. The pieces have very well structured melody lines that allow the players to express themselves and stretch out for extended runs. At times both guitarists are in the electric mode trading off ideas, while often they spar in the acoustic/electric format. The result is a recording that has a fullness and substance to it. ”
Frank Rubolino in “Cadence” (U.S.A.), April 1998

“Buddies is a sign of the good health of jazz guitar, and makes one impatient to hear the sequel. ”
PDL in “Le Jazz” #7 (France), May 1998

“Des guitares, encore des guitares! En vrais potes, Marco Locurcio et Peter Hertmans partagent tout: les thèmes, la vedette, leur jeu de guitare poétique et aérien. Il y a une grâce féline dans ce dialogue-communion aux phrasés rebondis (Let the cat out!), aux atmosphères nocturnes et pacifiées (Bye-bye tune), parfois inquiètes (Intro to ...), toujours en apesanteur. ...... L’amitié a toujours été une des pierres angulaires du jazz, il n’y a pas de raisons que ça cesse.”
Luca Sabbatini in “Viva La Musica” (Switzerland), March 1998

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