There is more jazz than Jazz’halo and there is Jazz’halo because there is never enough jazz. Jazz musicians and jazz lovers are explorers, looking for ‘things to happen’ but we do not always know where and when it happens. May this site guide you and us in our pursuit.

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Jazz’halo.be wants to let the light shine on interesting concerts, projects and albums for which there is no space in the newspapers and weeklies. Completeness is not our ambition and we depend on the information supplied to us by the clubs, musicians, organizers and by you. All contributions are welcomed and we will select the most interesting news for publication.
We choose English as the basic language for Jazz’halo.be but contributions in Dutch, French and German will be published as such.
Jazz’halo stands for contemporary, adventurous, new, boundless. Have a look at the Archives section and you will understand.
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The 25 albums so far produced by Jazz’halo.

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The Archives
Jazz’halo was launched in 1997 with a lot of ambition and a good sponsor who made it possible to start up the print magazine, the CD label, the website and the Jazz’halo Music Days. The first Jazz’halo Music Days in November 1997 featured bass player Cameron Brown and his band ‘The Hear and Know’ with Sheila Jordan, the Joe Fonda Trio, the Gerry Hemingway Quartet and Belgian jazz bands such as the Peter Hertmans Quartet and the Phil Abraham Quartet. The following years we brought a whole range of interesting musicians on the Belgian stages such as Joëlle Léandre, Beñat Achiary, Greg Marvin, Raúl Barboza, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Vinny Golia and many others. More about the past in the Archives section.

Jos Demol & Emile Clemens

Jos Demol & Emile Clemens


TATORT JAZZ FESTIVAL 2016 in Bochum: Essen Jazz Orchestra, Tatort Jazz Hausband, Rafael Cortés Group und The Swinging Ballroom Orchestra


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Kris Defoort’s Diving Poet Society: Belgische première

Kris Defoort’s Diving Poet Society: Belgische première

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W.E.R.F.-label: artistieke vrijheid over stijlgrenzen heen

W.E.R.F.-label: artistieke vrijheid over stijlgrenzen heen

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Bram Weijters : Interview with the piano player from Antwerp

Bram Weijters: an interview

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Laughing Bastards in 27Bflat

Donderdag 22 september om 20.30 uur in 27Bflat – gratis

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BELGIAN LABEL NIGHT 08/10/2016: een Feest van de Belgische Jazz

BELGIAN LABEL NIGHT 08/10/2016: een gesprek met Rik Bevernage

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20ste editie September Jazz: een jubileumviering waardig!

20ste editie September Jazz: een jubileumviering waardig!

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Zum zwölften Mal Jazz@home 2016: Vom roten Mond und …

Jazz@home 2016

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Myanmar Meets Europe: BURMA BEBOP,  Münster 5.9.2016

BURMA BEBOP,  Münster 5.9.2016

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Concerto di Mark Dresser/Jacques Demierre.  24/8/2016 Palermo, Italia

Mark Dresser/Jacques Demierre Palermo 24/08/2016

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15 août 2016 au Jazz Middelheim

15 août 2016 au Jazz Middelheim

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Toots is deze morgen (22/8/2016) overleden

© Jos L. Knaepen


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Nels Cline has been living with Lovers for a long time.

Nels Cline: Lovers (Blue Note) out now!

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Thomas Chapin

Thomas Chapin ... gone too soon

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W.E.R.F.-LABELNIGHT, het feest van de Belgische Jazz!!!

W.E.R.F.-LABELNIGHT op 8 oktober 2016, het feest van de Belgische Jazz!!!

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Gaspar Claus et Pedro Soler : duel « Al Viento » guitare et violoncelle

Gaspar Claus et Pedro Soler : duel « Al Viento »

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