S M O G nr32 - Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

When: 11-1-2019

Where: Walter


No [more] Pussyfooting brings back to live the classic experimental studio-albums “No Pussyfooting” and “Evening Star” by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. In these pre-ambient albums from the early '70s Brian Eno blends his tape-loop experiments with Robert Fripp's rock guitar, creating unique layered soundscapes.

Two specific pieces from both albums will be presented: "The Heavenly Music Corporation" (A-side of "No Pussyfooting") and "An Index of Metals" (B-side of "Evening Star"). Both pieces, each taking up an entire side of an LP, beautifully explore the rich sound textures of the electric guitar in combination with tape-loops.

Using contemporary technology in combination with the original “frippertronics” set-up of two reel-to-reel tape-recorders, this project aims at restoring these gems of experimental repertoire, originally created in the studio, and bringing them back to the stage.

Pak Yan Lau

"Book of Wood" is part of Lau's triple solo project ‘BOOKS’, where she explores 3 different solo settings. While Book of Star explore the world of synthesizers, samplers and electronics and Book of Toy explores the overtones, harmonics and basses of metallic sounds taken out of toy pianos (inside and outside), Book of Wood goes in search of the transformation of conventional sounds inside the grand piano by adding preparations. It takes its inspiration out of minimal music, noise and suggestions of folk traditions in Asian music



Van Lintstraat 43-45





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Silvère Mansis
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