Kim Myhr solo (NO) + Roeland Celis band try out

When: 18-1-2019

Where: Walter


Fri 18 Jan 20:00

Kim Myhr

Kim Myhr has been one of the leading voices on the experimental scene in Norway in recent years, both a composer and a guitarist. Myhr's solo music can be described as an orchestral exploration of the 12-string guitar. He has released three solo records; "All your limbs singing" (SOFA 2014),  and «BLOOM» (HUBRO 2016), and «You | me», which came out on HUBRO in November 2017. The latter features contributions from drummers Tony Buck, Hans Hulbækmo and Ingar Zach, and recieved a "Honorary Mention" at Nordic Music Prize in 2018. It was nominated alongside Björk, Fever Ray and 9 other Nordic Artists.

Myhr is an active composer and regularly writes music for chamber ensembles, electroacoustic settings and various theatrical projects. He has written two critically acclaimed works for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, the first with Sidsel Endresen for Moldejazz in 2009, and the second one written together with pop singer Jenny Hval for Ultima festival in 2012. Both works have since been released on record. In June 2018, Myhr premiered a new work for Australian Art Orchestra for Melbourne Jazz festival, and in November 2018 he is releasing a longer piece for the Canadian string quartet Quatour Bozzini, poet Caroline Bergvall and percussionist Ingar Zach. He is currently working on different projects with Christian Wallumrød, Lasse Marhaug, Kjell Bjørgeengen, Eve Risser and Sofia Jernberg.

Roeland Celis Band

Sylvain Debaisieux on tenor saxophone,

Karel Cuelenaere on piano,

Cyrille Obermüller on double bass

Gert-Jan Dreessen on drums.

Werkplaats Walter is happy to invite talented guitarplayer to try out his new material with his first band. This is only the second time they show their highly skilled playing as a band with these demanding compositions.

A try out not to miss!

As a guitar player, Roeland Celis has always had a fascination for the heavier styles in music. Metal as a genre developed so much in the past few decades, that it branched out into different sub-genres with very different aesthetics. More and more the genre is finding its way into other styles of music.

The rhythmical focus found in many metal bands, as well as in modern jazz music became a key element in the band's music.
Roeland was looking for a sound that went in a somewhat dark direction. However, darkness isn't all there is to hear.

After rehearsing the music, the sound started to shift from the metal aesthetic to a mixture of things. Everybody brought their musical personality into the music, which gave the whole a richness and fullness that Roeland could not have foreseen.
The blend of composition and improvisation makes for an always changing experience, in which the sound of the band can take all sorts of shapes.

The band consists of some of Belgium's finest and Roeland's favorite musicians: Sylvain Debaisieux on tenor saxophone, Karel Cuelenaere on piano, Cyrille Obermüller on double bass and Gert-Jan Dreessen on drums.



Van Lintstraat 43-45



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Silvère Mansis
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Rik Bevernage
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