When: 11-2-2018

Where: Parazzar


"4 out of 5 stars ! there is a playfulness inherent in the work that sets the Kodians apart“ All About Jazz

"The second album of the Belgian free jazz trio is even better than their first. The dynamics between the guitar, the saxophone, and the drums are wild and untamed, almost akin to completely expressionist music – that’s if it isn’t exactly this already! The sax surges are often impressive, if not downright surprising, while the drums seem to be able to keep the rhythmic section endlessly interesting, with the guitarist’s inventive patchwork filling the pieces with its own strange musical context. It’s great!” Can This Even Be Called Music
COLIN WEBSTER : alto saxophone
DIRK SERRIES : electric guitar
Discography :
I (LP, New Wave Of Jazz 2016)
II (LP, Trost Records 2017)
KODIAN TRIO releases their 2nd album on the mighty TROST RECORDS in October 2017.  Recorded at the acoustically-flawless Sunny Side Inc. Studio in Anderlecht (Belgium) last year, this second album refines KODIAN TRIO's unique style. More playfully and open than the density of their debut.  Artwork and design for this release by Lasse Marhaug. Listen to snippets from the album here.
KODIAN TRIO will tour to promote their new album in 2018.  The trio is available for fly-ins and festivals throughout 2018. Get in touch.
KODIAN TRIO born from the ashes of the insane quartet concert at Cafe Oto (London, UK) is UK saxophonist COLIN WEBSTER, UK drummer ANDREW LISLEand on electric guitar DIRK SERRIES. Webster, one of the rising starts in the UK improvisation scene and known for his collaborations with Archie Shepp, Joseph Bowie and Mark Holub.  Andrew is a fascinating drummer, excelling in his abstract percussion and worked together with Alex Ward, Seymour Wright and Daniel Thompson.   Dirk Serries slowly manifesting himself as a improvising guitarist, without his trademark drone or relying on his safety zone in looping structures, but more as a pupil of the great Derek Bailey.



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